Thursday, April 21, 2011

Inspired And Reminded, Dream Attaining Is Simple...Just Not Easy.

Funny how much there is to learn when we are paying attention. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to be in Toronto to see the soft opening of Woody Harrelson's play "Bullet For Adolph" starring Ronie Rowe and a bunch of other extremely talented actors - Side note, if you are in Toronto you need to see it - while the night before I was fortunate enough to take in the Premier of "Textuality" Starring Jason Lewis, Carly Pope & Liam Card. Another funny movie, like "Hey dude, if you weren't so big I'd make a joke about how loud your laughing all the time" funny - Side note, It releases on Friday at AMC theatre's nation wide and you need to see it.
I was fortunate to be accompanied to both events by the intelligent, beautiful, funny Ms... Well, that's not so much your business but I was blessed most by the company I was with.
There was an after party for both events and I was able to meet some real cool cats, many of which had done a whole lot more in their industry that they'd ever let you know if you didn't know. I'm talking Oscar nominee's, retired at 40, Sex and the city, just flew in on my plane yes I said my plane in a matter of fact type of way from some island which I've never heard of type Cats. Heavy. And yet, each of them carried themselves with a humility that was both refreshing and surprising. Not that fake "I suck and I know I suck" crap that people spit. But real humility. As in "yeah I work hard and am great at what I do but that's just what I do and not who I am" type humility.

I had a conversation with a couple of them about how they got to where they are going (lesson I've learned - when you meet someone who is further along on a path you'd like to explore it's wise to ask Why and then shut up and listen) and there was some awesome theoretical & practical advice shared with me (Book coming soon. Yes my book. Jeesh.) Everyone had a different definition of success but the one common denominator was this: Passion. Preparation. Perseverance. To make it mathematical:

Hunger + Humility + Faith = Results (i.e Making The "Impossible" Possible.)

That's it. Yes there is work involved but it's simpler than you think. In fact, someone just shared with me her amazing journey of weight loss (Yo Go Girl!) and... Well that's for another post.
For now, remember Stay hungry. Stay humble. Work Faithfully.
Dream attaining is that Simple... Just not easy.

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