Monday, February 15, 2016

Be Kind - to Others and to Yourself.

As we grow up we're taught to be kind to others yet the emphasis to be kind to ourselves is rarely made.

We call ourselves names, we hold ourselves to impossible deadlines, we don't cheer for ourselves or believe in ourselves, we are not honest with ourselves and sometimes we even tell ourselves we are stupid for going after our biggest dreams. Is it any wonder that we fail time and time again? Or worse become too scared to take any steps in a new forward direction towards what we desire and deserve?

This week, I urge you to treat yourself as you would someone you deeply care about. This isn't a call to be dishonest to you about you but rather to look at yourself through honest eyes and recognize the miracle that you are and all the amazing things that you, with faith and habitual work, are capable of achieving.

Learn to like yourself en route to learning to love yourself all over again.
How? Well that's up to you, but find many ways to show yourself.

Be kind to others, but remember to also be kind to yourself.
Happy Monday Y'all!

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