Friday, December 13, 2013

"Have a great day. Whatever's left of it..." ©

"Have a great day. Whatever's left of it..."
This morning with about 30 minutes to spare before my next appointment I walked into a coffee shop to grab a warm beverage & get some emails done. As I walked to my seat I made eye contact with an older man, I'd guess in his 70's. I pulled a chair for him where he was about to sit as his hands were full. He thanked me and we shared a momentary glance and a smile. "Have a great day" I said to him as I walked on, "You too... Whatever's left of it."
This got me thinking - how'd he know I'd gotten up at 4:30am to cook,  run outside, meditate & pray and meet with two clients before 9:30am?
"Have a great day... Whatever's left of it."

That phrase repeated itself in my mind. Then a thought dawned on me - the realization of my mortality. No this isn't a new revelation but it is something that I don't think about everyday. As cliche as it sounds, today is a gift and that is a great reason to enjoy the present by being present. We are so very blessed to be able to do all the things we do that we take for granted and it, sadly, often takes tragedy & loss before we remember this fortune we own.

"Have a great day... Whatever's left of it."

There are many people who started yesterday with no thought of not seeing today. Yet there are many people who did not get to see today. Many more are the folks who have died inside - living day to day without the hope that comes from faithfully & with intelligence working a dream into reality.

As we take care of today by enjoying today, building today and sharing love & gratitude today we sow seeds that will last long after we are gone - either from someone's life or this realm. And a great way to remember to take care of today is to remember that we don't know how much time we have left. My wish to you is that You have a great day, a great week, month and life! Whatever's left of it.

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