Monday, February 11, 2013

Time: Right & Wrong. ©

To acknowledge the 'right' thing at the 'wrong' time hurts almost as much as the 'wrong' thing at the 'right' time.
In the latter, we take comfort in the fact that even though we were ready for a thing (i.e. our 'right' time) that thing which we were/are seeking & thought we found wasn't at all what, or all of what we truly desired (i.e. the 'wrong' thing). It stings to come to this end, without any doubt, but to recognize that what You want is what You have, while also recognizing that what You want You are not yet ready to have for whatever reason (i.e. the 'wrong' time) hurts so much more. The 'right' thing at the 'wrong' time. Damn.
This maturing process, as painful as it always is, is necessary for us to awaken to our highest potential - to love at our deepest & to give love from that state in what we do as it radiates from who we are.
Alas, we can take some comfort in going through the 'right' thing at the 'wrong' time knowing this - when the time is truly right so too will be the thing, so the 'wrong' thing - though a great teacher - is always right on time.
But then, I'm wrong plenty of the time.
Enjoy Your journey. And Your times.

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