Monday, June 23, 2014

Timing (Or Some of The Lessons I've Learned)

I've learned that timing is more important that We often give it credit for. The perfect thing/experience/opportunity/person (exactly fitting the need/complete without need for improvement) can come into Our lives, be exactly what We desire but, if We are not ready, that blessing built to bring joy becomes the deliverer of pain. Timing may not be everything but it is a huge thing.

I've also learned that sometimes Our desire for what We desire trumps logic and slows Our preparation to be ready for what We desire.

I've learned that if We don't believe that We deserve what We desire, We set in motion (through conscious or subconscious means) ways to sabotage Ourselves. Whether through fear of pain, speculation of the worst, lack of trust, purposely pushing Our blessing away or some other method, We create a complex system to take us away from the simple task of humbly working on Ourselves to continuously be ready (& extremely grateful) for Our blessing.

No doubt I've caused and experienced pain learning them, and I wish that I could erase the former but I cannot. And that saddens me. Nonetheless, I've learned some incredible lessons over the past little while and am so grateful for them. Now it's time.

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