Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Gift Of Kindness: A Present On Perspective.

I held the door for a woman today and she gave me a gift of perspective that was huge.

"Thank You," she said as I held the first set of doors for her.
"Are You going out this way or that way," I asked as I came to another set of doors.
"That way, but You can go ahead, I've got to put my hat & gloves on," she replied.
"I'm in no hurry - plus it's cold outside so I'll take a few moments inside," I said.
"You know," she started,"there are really some kind people in this world. I meet a few mean ones every now and again but I never go a day without meeting some really kind people."

We spoke some more, she armored herself up to brave the cold and then I held the final door between her & outside open. As she rolled through the door she stopped to address me one more time, "God bless you. Have a wonderful day."

I smiled a huge smile "how could I not?"

And with that she left my world but not without re adjusting my perspective.

We seek what we search for. That doesn't mean we don't see anything else but we that we will see most what we seek most.
Kindness is one of those things we must seek out everyday. I don't mean grand gestures or elaborate ways either but simple & caring acts of kindness. Smiling at someone and saying "G'morning" with sincerity. Holding a door for someone behind You, giving up a seat on public transit without being asked, calling a friend just to say You appreciate them. Kindness.

The gift of kindness. It blows me away how habitual 'small' acts of kindness can make a huge impact in our lives. Like shifting our perspective and helping us to see a little more of the kindness in our world. The same kindness we seek to add to it.

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