Friday, January 25, 2013

School doesn't educate, It Teaches Obedience. ©

School doesn't educate, it teaches obedience. 
It doesn't mean school is unimportant, 
it just means we must seek to educate ourselves. 

School has many commendable qualities, discipline being one of them. But many lessons we need to learn are missed if we only rely on school to teach.
Think about it - many of the life lessons that we must learn aren't in the curriculum. Taxes, credit card interest and money management. Estate planning, preparing for the death of parents and loved ones, marriage, dating and love in general among other fundamentals. These are things that we are not taught, well unless we are blessed with some exceptional teachers (and I can say that I most certainly was). School is a system working for a system. It mostly prepares us to show up, sit down, fall in line and follow without question. This isn't an absolute but it is the normal. School has great importance, and that importance serves us well after all if we never learn how to hold our tongue from time to time or to simple follow instructions then society would be cast into chaos, I get that. All I'm saying is that if we expect school alone to educate us on key life fundamentals then we will always be missing education in some key life fundamentals. Good luck on Your journey & happy hunting!

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